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Exhibits, interior exterior design


Rebranding walls and boardrooms around the building that show in a big way the new identity and personality of the brand.

TVO - Ontario Room

The Ontario room is the key boardroom at the media company where all the important things went down. It was sad, dark and dated and hadn't been touched in almost 10 years. With the new rebrand I built a wall that proclaimed the vision statement "We believe learning has the power to change the world", and proposed a wall where the incredible past of TVO met the present and future. I got to go through all TVO's archives, and the result was this room that made employees old and new excited and proud.


The Heart of a Woman

To celebrate 60 years of publishing, we launched an exhibit of original paintings and an interactive wall in New York City. The exhibit drew a parallel between the changing views of women and the subject matter on the covers. We received enormous attention in all media, as well as designer Todd Oldham reviewing the show, "i am still reeling with excitement from your brilliant show. the work is astonishing and must be compiled in a worthy art book"



New mind-body studio for STOTT PILATES STUDIO - I wanted to keep this space open, bright and white, while still feeling warm and welcoming. Exterior signage exists within a mall environment and was designed to have stopping power - and to hide the activities going on inside.


Community of Excellence

A conference that attracts community members from all over the world to come together for 4 days to share stories, learn from each other and move the world of mind-body forward. Graphics developed worked on this theme of community, with a cheery colour palatte and easy-to-spot way finding graphics.